Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester

Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester
Part Number 81000-2
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Manufacturer: Stanhope - Seta

Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester

Part Number 81000-2

The Setavap 2 automatic vapour pressure tester is used for the measurement of gasoline, solvents, light crude oils, and other similar products using the "Mini" method. Fully evacuated chamber technology guarantees that the sample is tested under a full vacuum, as required by the "Mini" test methods, unlike the expansion technologies that rely on moving pistons.

Simple test procedure:



Test Temperature 37.8 °C (100°F) ±0.1°C
Test Pressure Range 0 to 200kPa ±0.5kPa (0 to 29psi ±0.1psi)
Pressure Resolution 0.1kPa (0.1psi)
Sample Size 3ml
Vapour to Liquid Ratio 4:1
Display Units of Pressure kPa or psi (user selectable)
Vacuum Requirement better than 0.01kPa (abs)
Voltage 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (switchable)
Power 70W
Size (HxWxD) 37 x 13 x 20cm
Weight 3.5kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90262020


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